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WordPress Divi Webdesign is a powerful booster for every Website. Having a Divi website can lead to dramatic savings in terms of time and money, which is always important for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It also helps your business become more responsive to customer requests as you can update your website in real-time.

WordPress Divi Web Design in Bangkok, Thailand

WordPress & Divi Web Design

“Effective features

with a user-friendly interface”

WordPress is an endlessly customizable platform. This is especially true when it comes to the masses of available themes. The number of options can be a little overwhelming at the first glimpse. Choosing a powerful and user-friendly theme may seem challenging. Fortunately, there ist as an ideal solution: the WordPress Divi theme. With responsive editing possibilities for thousands of design options, Divi is a powerful tool behind a functional website.

Divi Website Design

Divi is a WordPress theme that comes with a feature-rich drag-and-drop user interface. Anyone can use the Divi interface to add, remove, or modify any part of a website. Read More…

Easy To Update Your Content

Divi’s user interface has been purposely designed to be intuitive and efficient, which makes it easy to perform website modifications,  like uploading a new photo or update some content

Affordable Web Design

One of the key advantages of using Divi in conjunction with WordPress is that websites can be developed much faster and cheaper than coding a website from scratch. Read More…

Responsive Web Design
Adjust Your Website To All Screen Sizes

My websites are responsive design,  with all devices in mind from mobile to desktop. Creating a responsive site means that users can visit your site on any device, from a smartphone to a desktop computer,  and experience it in a device-optimized way. Specific elements can be disabled or adjusted for mobile devices like Header, Footer, Fonts, Icons, and Images. If you are on a desktop, just shrink your browser window to see the mobile-optimized version of this page.

Responsive Design WordPress Web Design In Bangkok, Thailand
SEO Search Engine Optimization and WordPress web design in Bangkok, Thailand
Search Engine Optimization

My WordPress sites are fully optimized for Google Search. I will configure Meta Titles, Alt Tags, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, and build a proper Header, URL, and Permalink Structure so your content is nicely organized by topics and categories to ensure your site is crafted for a good ranking score.

100"s Of Premade Layouts
Premade  Layouts Save Time & Money

Divi comes with 100’s pre-made layouts, that are customizable to your needs. Just browse through the Layout Library and find the layouts that match your needs. Your chosen layout will be the base for your personal website and will be customized to your needs. This process guarantees that your new website is getting faster online and can be built for a lower price.

Responsive Design WordPress Web Design In Bangkok, Thailand

Take A Look In My Toolbox

A functional website needs a powerful collection of tools installed to guarantee flawless functionality.  Please click on the icons below to get more information about the benefits of the tools I am using to build my websites.

WorPress Logo 1
Divi Theme Web Design Bangkok
Litespeed Cache Logo 2
Rank Math Logo 3
Page speed is essentially for a website
Hosting & Migration
Fast & Secure Hosting Is Crucial

WordPress provides freedom to choose a hosting provider. I can recommend choosing your hosting provider carefully as it is a crucial factor for the overall loading speed of your website. I can assist you to decide on the right hosting package that suits your needs and set up the server environment to host your WordPress website flawlessly. A Backup system will be also installed and set up on your server. If you have an already existing WordPress website and you want to change your hosting provider I can provide a complete website migration service.

Responsive Design WordPress Web Design In Bangkok, Thailand
Web Design and Hosting in Bangkok, Thailand. Virtual Tour Photography
Page Speed Optimization
A Fast Loading Website Is A Must Have

f your site is slow to load it annoys prospects and even your existing customers. Google doesn’t like slow websites and has publicly stated that slow websites won’t rank as high in the search results. My experience working with clients on their SEO has confirmed this too. They’ve indicated that site speed will play an even bigger role in their SEO and organic algorithm moving forward in the future. Fixing slow-loading websites as well as tune fast websites to get them loading as fast as possible is a key factor for a good ranking website.


Image Optimization
Faster Loading Images & SEO Optimization

The first impression your website gives is more important than you think. In fact, 38% will stop engaging with your site and move on to another if the content and layout is not appealing . Knowing this, it stands to reason that having great photos on your site is extremely important.There’s a lot more to it than just having impressive photos and integrating them into your website. They must get optimized in Photoshop for online use before they get uploaded to your website. Optimizing the photos on your website does many  things, all of which benefits in a overall better performance and user experience.

Responsive Design WordPress Web Design In Bangkok, Thailand

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