Virtual Tour Bring Property To Life

A Virtual Tour Transforms Architecture

Virtual tour photography plays a role in industries like real estate and hospitality. The viewer will have the ability to look around in all directions and zoom in to see more details of your property or business. Virtual Tours are also an excellent tool to showcase your business or property on Google Street View, Google Business, etc.

Virtual Tour photography and 360 Degree Panorama of a showroom at The Luciano Pattaya Condominium
Virtual tour Photography in Bangkok, Thailand. Real Estate Photography Bangkok
Virtual Tour photography and 360 Degree Panorama professional photographer in Bangkok
Virtual Tour Photography and Property Walkthrough in Bangkok, Thailand by professional real estate photographer

About Virtual Tours

Hiring a professional virtual tour photographer has the advantage to envision your individual project from the beginning to the end. I create an impressive 360 Degree Panorama and Virtual Tours to be a unique presentation of your property. Customer experience is among the foremost aspects that companies focus on. Virtual tours have turned out to be an effective tool in engaging the customers. Virtual tours are dynamic and interactive, capable of retaining the attention of the homebuyers or your potential guests.


Visibility on all common devices from Mobile To Desktop


In-house hosting solutions for your Virtual Tour if Required


All panoramas can be used on platforms like Google Maps, Street View, Google Business, &Facebook


Frequently Asked Questions

How Is The Process Like?

Step 1: Contact
Just send me an email via the Contact Page of my website or directly via  Email. Or call me via Phone.

Step 2: Prepare the shoot
Clean your home and make it look tidy for the best possible results. To understand what to take into considerations when preparing your property for a photoshoot, please read my little guide on How To Prepare Your Property For A Photo Shooting, please read also my Business Terms

Step 3: The Shooting Day
The shooting duration will be Between 2-5 hours, depending on the size of your property. It is not necessary to be present at all times, but it’s always nice if you tell me what I should focus on. If you are not staying in Thailand, I can arrange the shooting date with the management of your property for your convenience.

How Long Will The Shooting Take?

The amount of time it takes to do a virtual tour, whether it is a home or a commercial building, varies. Moreover, the number one most important factor is the property’s size. Generally, prepare for about two hours or more. Nevertheless, expect long hours, especially for larger buildings, homes, or properties. Meanwhile, we can discuss the time required for your virtual tour at the time you book it.

When And How Will I Receive My Edited Virtual Tour?

The virtual tour will be delivered two days after the shooting at your property. If you need a rush, please let me know. The virtual tour will be delivered via a Google Drive link and sent to your email. All included panorama images are delivered at full resolution, as well as 72 dpi suitable for uploading to most real estate listings websites.

Can You Fix That In Photoshop?

Most likely, yes. As a virtual tour is created from JPG Panorama files, the files can be edited like normal JPG files in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Can You Provide Hosting Of My Virtual Tour?

In some of my packages, there is a hosting solution provided if you require a hosting solution for your virtual tour. You will receive a normal link that you can share on other websites or media accounts.

Can I Postpone The Shooting Date?

Sure, if anything happens, please contact me 24 hours before the shoot, we can reschedule it. On the actual shooting date or if I have already arrived at your property the full agreed compensation for the shooting has to be paid. Please read under paragraph 3 of my Business Terms & Conditions for more details.

What Are Your Terms Of Payment?

The payment can be done directly on the shooting day in cash or bank transfer. Alternatively, the payment can be done after the watermarked low-resolution images are delivered to you for your approval. After your approval of the photos and the shooting fee has been transferred. I will send you the unwatermarked and high-resolution images. For further information about my business terms and conditions, please visit my Photography Terms & Conditions page.

Do you have been vaccinated?

Yes, I am fully vaccinated and will guarantee to follow the common rules of social distancing and health prevention measures to make the shooting safe for me and my clients.

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