Virtual Tour Handling Guide

How to open a Virtual Tour on your local computer?

Virtual Tours For A Spin

In this Virtual Tour Handling Guide, I teach you how to open your Virtual tour on your local computer.

Online 360° panoramic virtual tours are very engaging and give a great perspective of a property. Allow viewers to explore at their own pace. These tours can be placed on social media, websites, blogs and more. All tours are mobile-friendly and can be played on any smartphone or tablet. A virtual tour must be always be uploaded to a server before you can view it, in this tutorial, I teach you in 8 simple steps how to open a virtual tour on your local computer without uploading it to a server.

1. Download The Required Software

To open a virtual tour on your local computer you need to install a tool called Krpano Testing Server. Please follow the link below to download the software Krpano which includes the tool Krpano Testing Server. The tool can not be downloaded as a stand-alone version, so you need to extract it from the software package.  Please choose the software that matches your operating system on your local computer. This tool is 100% free and doesn’t harm your computer.

Download Krpano here:

2. Extract The Tool Krpano Testing Server

After you have downloaded the software Krpano, open the folder that contains the multiple software and choose the tool Krpano Testing Server from it and install it to the application folder of your local computer.

3. Launch The Tool Krpano Testing Server

After installing the tool Krpano Testing Server to your local computer, launch the software by double-clicking on the software icon. A new window will appear on your screen with the interface of Krpano Testing Server.

4. Search For You Virtual Tour You Want To View

After launching the tool, click the Browse button and search for the virtual tour folder that is stored on your local computer or your external hard drive.

5. Mark The Folder That Contains Your Virtual Tour

Search for the virtual tour that is stored on your computer or external hard drive and mark the entire folder that contains the virtual tour you want to view and click the choose button on the lower right-hand corner.

6. Click On The Blue Link 

After you had clicked the choose button click on the blue link (Server Adress) in the Krpano Testing Tool, this will automatically open a new window in your web browser.

7. Click On HTML File 

After you had clicked on the blue link (Server Adress) you are now directed to your web browser, where you have the option to click on the HTML file with the name of the virtual tour you want to view (yourtourname.html)

7. The Magic Happens 

After you had clicked on the HTML file your virtual tour will automatically open in your web browser. You are now able to move around in all directions of your virtual tour and click on the icons to move to the next panorama.

Virtual Tour Examples

Hotel photography by commercial hotel photographer in Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel Photography

Hotel photography comes under the banner of commercial advertising photography in the sense that every single photo is an opportunity to gain the attention of new potential clients.

360 Degree Panorama Icon

360 Degree Panorama

360 Degree Panorama and Virtual Tours have the purpose to place the viewer in the scene as they are actually there. They will have than the ability to look around in all directions of your property.

Real estate photographer providing professional property photography in Bangkok, Thailand

Real Estate Photography

As a professional real estate photographer, I have the skill to show your property at its very best. My passion is to ensure that your property looks as beautiful online as they do in real.

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