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How to prepare your property for a photo shooting?

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Are you in selling mode? IF you’re preparing  your property for a photo shoot, here are my top ten things to remember

If you’re a homeowner, you want your home to sell fast. That’s a no-brainer. As a photographer specializing in real estate, I know that great pictures will help improve the chances of a home listing selling faster, and for more money. Good photos draw attention, which more often leads to showings, and quicker offers. You’d be surprised how many online home listings display poorly photographed homes that have not been properly staged. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that these listings tend to languish; they get little traffic and relatively few bids. Remember, a well-staged home will look much better to potential buyers, especially when photographed by a professional. Here are 10 tips for staging a home for a real estate photo shoot.

  1. Declutter everything
  2. Ensure windows are clean
  3. Metal surfaces are polished
  4. Lawns and gardens manicured, swept and trimmed
  5. Take care of any small repair projects before listing your home
  6. All light bulbs and lit signage are in full working order
  7. Rearrange some furniture to maximize your square footage
  8. Put toilet seats down — a minor detail, but makes a huge difference.
  9. Garbage cans should not be visible in front or back of the house.
  10. Pull cars out of the driveway.

Five Additional Essentials: 

  1. All window blinds should be at a 45-degree upward angle — trust me, it’s the best way to go.
  2. Iron/ironing board to remove creases in sheets, pillowcases, covers, and table cloths.
  3. Flowers, vases, and ornaments to add a bit of life and color.
  4. If there is a pool, hot tub, or spa, take any security gate down, uncover, and clean.
  5. Have the keys available for all rooms.

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Airbnb photographer serving local hosts in Bangkok and Pattaya with professional Airbnb photos
Condominium in Pattaya with Seaview photographed for Airbnb by professional real estate photographer.

Preparing Your Kitchen

Go for a clean and mess-free kitchen that enables potential purchasers to imagine as their own. Clear the sink all things considered and put them away, store all machines in their perfect spot in organizers and on racks. Remember to tidy up the floors and counters. Besides, it is prescribed to evacuate individual things, for example, pictures or cards that might hold tight the ice chest. Your trash ought to likewise be secured when taking the photos, leaving your kitchen impeccable and welcoming.

Preparing Your Bedrooms

With regards to real estate home arranging photography, the main room will, in general, be a point of convergence. Most potential purchasers will focus on this room the most, so it’s ideal, to begin with, it. As a matter of first importance, you should evacuate your own things, for example, photographs, chargers, clothing hampers, and obviously, garments lying about. Tidy up the floors, tables, and furniture. Ultimately, the bed must be impeccably made, endeavor to utilize the best sheets you possess. Apply similar procedures to different rooms in your home. I also suggest removing family photos from walls for a better impact.

Condominium photography for Airbnb in Bangkok Thailand

Preparing Your Bathrooms

Set up the bathroom so that it looks attractive and most importantly hygienic. To prepare it to expel individual things like toothbrushes, hairdryers, shampoos, and some other toiletries. Wipe off the counter and clean the floor and carpets. Spot tidy towels and rectify up the shower window ornament and carpets, also, evacuate the rubbish jars and any cleaning supplies, and close any storage room entryways. Supplant the bathroom tissue move with another one.

Preparing Your Living Room

Another room that will be also another point of interest for the buyers is the living room. To prepare this room to begin off by de-jumbling the room. Evacuate individual things, for example, photographs, toys, books, and anything that might divert. At that point proceed onward to cleaning the zone, residue, and wipe furniture and gadgets. Clean the draperies and expel any stains from the floor coverings. In the event that you have strings and links lying around, move them up, and keep them far out. Try not to disregard the dividers if they need a new layer of paint. Keep any workmanship pieces you may have or include a couple all over on the off chance that you don’t have any.

Preparing Your Dining Room

No matter you have a single table for dining or a big dining room in your home you will also have to prepare it too for capturing images of it. To prepare the dining room Clear table, residue, and clean the tabletop. Utilize a decorative spot setting if accessible. Highlight one focal point, for example, a bunch of roses. Fix all seats and space them uniformly. This will make the photographs look more engaging and attractive.

Preparing The Exterior

The outside of a house is the main thing potential purchasers take note. It is a kind of presentation and a pointer of what exists. Begin off by cutting the grass if you have a front or backyard. Plant a few blooms if conceivable, prune and trim, give the garden a crisp and energetic look. If you have furniture in the nursery, ensure everything is pleasantly organized. You should get some new pads. Wipe out the pool and turn on any water highlights you may have as this will look great in the photos.

Moreover, you should close the garage entryways. Expel cars from the carport and before home. Expel toys, sports balls, b-ball objectives, soccer objectives, and so forth. Expel all the youngsters’ toys. Clean pool, wellsprings, and so on. Hide the trash cans from destroying the view of the house.

Finally, clean the windows and you can even repaint the homes outside to give it a fresher look. When your home’s outside is immaculate, you can take the same number of pictures and recordings as you can. Investigate them and pick the ones that best depict your home.

Lifestyle Photography

Clients need more emotions and connections to make a confident buying decision, that’s where lifestyle photography comes into play. Lifestyle photos add a personal human touch to your brand.

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360 Degree Panorama

360 Degree Panorama and Virtual Tours have the purpose to place the viewer in the scene as they are actually there. They will have than the ability to look around in all directions of your property.

Hotel photography by commercial hotel photographer in Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel Photography

Hotel photography comes under the banner of commercial advertising photography in the sense that every single photo is an opportunity to gain the attention of new potential clients.

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