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Commercial Photography Services

As a photographer for the hospitality industry. I recognize that a brand must be kept consistent and that it was created with specific features designed to speak to the audience. Images need to be thought of as a brand art. As a trained photographer, I will understand the culture of the location, the value of your property, and find the uniqueness that will spark a connection, all while upholding the brand. Maintaining that should be a priority, especially in photography.

Pre-Shoot Checklist

In today’s hotel and real estate market, nearly all potential clients start their search online.Your property is about to be on display and needs to look its absolute best.Below is a pre-shoot checklist to help you to make your property look its best.

  • Both the Interior and Exterior should be ready for photos when the photographer arrives.
  • It is not in the photographer’s responsibility for staging or cleaning the property.
  • Please make sure the property is staged and clean before the photographer arrives.
  • Make sure that all windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces are clean
  • Remove all vehicles from driveways and remove trash containers.
  • Make sure all beds are made and bedrooms are picked up.
  • Make sure all counters are cleaned off in the kitchen, bath, bar, restaurants etc.
  • Turn off all ceiling fans.
  • Turn on all lights including overhead lights and table lamps.
  • Check all lights fixtures for burned out bulbs and replace
  • Check bathroom towel racks. Arrange towels in a neat and orderly fashion
  • Toilet lids should be closed
  • Remove all trash cans from the room.

Hotel Photography

Hotel photography comes under the banner of commercial advertising photography in the sense that every single photo is an oportunity to gain the attention of new potential clients.

Lifestyle Photography

Clients need more emotions and connections to make a confident buying decision, that’s where lifestyle photography comes into play. Lifestyle photos add a personal human touch to your brand.

Food Photography

Good food photography leads to more immersive consumer attention and helps in increasing sales. Your restaurant has a distinct personality and food photography can help showcase it.

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