How to upload a Virtual Tour

via FTP client to your server?

Virtual Tour Handling Guide

1. Download The Required Software

To upload a virtual tour your server you need to install an FTP Client software. Below are links to the most common FTP client that is available. All those software are free to use. Select the FTP client of your choice by clicking on the icons below and install it on your computer. For this tutorial, I am using Filezilla as an FTP client.

2. Login To The Backend Of Your Hosting Provider

You need to set up an FTP Client account in the backend of your hosting provider to gain access to your server via the FTP Client. In the setup process, you have to set a username and password for your FTP Client Account. Please make sure to remember those details to login when you open the FTP Client later on in step 2. In the example below I am using cPanel, but the set up of an FTP Account is similar through all hosting providers.

How to upload a virtual tour to your server via FTP Client

2. Set a Username and a Password for your FTP Account

After you have clicked on FTP Accounts in the Files section of your cPanel, type in your username and your password for your FTP Account and click on the button “Create FTP Account”.

How to upload a virtual tour via FTP Client

3. Launch The FTP Client On Your Computer

After you created an FTP Account you have to launch your FTP client you had downloaded and installed on your computer. You have to type in your host domain, your Username your Password , and your Port (21)  information to gain access to your server.

How to upload a virtual tour to your website via FTP Client

4. Create A New Directory To Upload Your Virtual Tour

Double click on your WordPress directory on the right section in Filezilla to open it.

Upload a virtual tour to your server via Filizilla FTP Client

5. Open Your wp-content Folder

Double click on your wp-content folder to open this directory.

6. Open Your Uploads Folder

Double click on your uploads folder to open this directory.

7. Create A New Directory In Your Uploads Folder

Create a new directory in your uploads folder by using the right-click function. A new window will pop up with a context menu, choose to create a new folder from this menu.

7. Name The Directory 

Name the directory with a name of your choice. For this tutorial, I am using the name Example.

8. Open  The Directory

Open the directory you just created by double click on the folder.

9. Drag And Drop Your Virtual Tour Folder

Drag and Drop the virtual tour folder you want to upload to the new directory to upload the virtual tour to your server.

10. Open The Folder Of The Virtual Tour

Open the folder of the virtual tour you just uploaded. The folder should contain 2 files, one folder (Exampledata) and a .html file (Example.html)

11. Copy The Path Of Your Virtual Tour

Copy the path to your virtual tour in the server field above and add the name of the .html file to the end of the path as in the example below:

WordPress_01/wp-content/uploads/Panorama/Example Virtual Tour/Example.html

12. Add Your Domain Name To The Path

Now you have to add the domain name at the beginning of the path to generate a working html link from the path Virtual Tour/Example.html

13. Embed The Virtual Tour On Your Website

  1. Embed the virtual tour via the html link you just created. You can for example embed the link into the link section of a placeholder image on your website, similar to the example below.
  2. Embed the virtual tour via plugin in WordPress.
  3. Embed the virtual tour via iframe, below an example of an iframe:

<iframe width=”600″ height=”400″ src=” Virtual Tour/Example.html” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”><iframe>

Virtual Tour Examples

Virtual Tour of a Day To Night Panorama of Chatrium Hotel in Yangon Myanmar
Virtual Tour Photographer Bangkok Thailand

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