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How to prepare your hotel for a photo shooting?

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  1. Declutter everything.
  2. Ensure the windows and mirrors are clean.
  3. Metal surfaces are polished.
  4. Lawns and gardens manicured, swept and trimmed.
  5. Signage to assist close an area whist image is being taken.
  6. All light bulbs and lit signage are in full working order.
  7. Release forms have been signed for any staff appearing in photography.
  8. All rooms being photographed have been booked out and set up a few hours in advance.
  9. Flowers and any other props you’ll be using in your shots are scheduled to arrive either first thing in the day or the night before.
  10. The photography run sheet is distributed to all staff members.

Five Additional Essentials: 

  1. Luggage trolley to carry heavy equipment and props between shoot areas.
  2. Iron/ironing board to remove creases in sheets, pillowcases, covers and table cloths.
  3. Flowers, vases, and ornaments to add a bit of life and color.
  4. Charge phone and laptop.
  5. Key contacts list.

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Reception is often one of the most clutter-filled areas of hospitality property. Credit and paying advice. Parking signage. Brochures. Check-in and check-out information. Newspapers. Luggage. Clocks. Get rid of as much of the extra paraphernalia as possible so that surfaces are clean and clear, brochure racks are tidy and anything not related to your own property brand is removed from the shot.

Hotel Photography Bangkok Thailand


These areas are great opportunities to show ambiance, artwork, space, and natural light so make sure you capture these to your best ability. It can be helpful to have a staff member steering guests to a route that keeps them out of the shot whilst you shoot open spaces like these. Remember if a guest is clearly visible in a shot, you should get their permission to use it.

Hotel Photography Bangkok Thailand


It will be up to you whether you choose to shoot your restaurant, bar, café, and any other dining facilities you have with people or without. Shooting a full and busy restaurant can be difficult, people are constantly moving in and out of shot, lighting can be trickier and your photographer won’t have as much control of the environment, however, these shots can be atmospheric and interesting if done well. Just remember that it can be a good thing to inform your guests about the purpose of the photographer and take note of anyone who wishes not to be involved.

Empty restaurants are certainly easier to set up; take some time to ensure your chairs are neatly aligned, you have as much natural light as possible, windows are open if relevant (and depending on the season: otherwise, a roaring fire always looks wonderful if you have a fireplace!). Any al fresco dining opportunities, any views, cellars, lounge areas; all of these should be captured independently to give you an expansive and specific image library to use moving forward.

It can also be worthwhile to have your chef and bar staff prepare some of your most visually striking dishes on the menu, as well as a few coffees and cocktails, or any other signature offerings you can. Food photography can add a level of detail and elegance to your images; ensure your photographer is on stand-by to shoot them as soon as they are prepared.


Hotel Photography Bangkok Thailand


Linen. View. Ambient lighting. If you have these under control you will be fine. The way you shoot your bed linen should represent the feel of your property. If you’re a luxury brand, you’ll be looking for perhaps a looser, tactile look; props such as flowers and books may be appropriate as well. Business hotels may choose to show a more streamlined look with ironed bed linen, orderly pillows, and straight fold lines.

Shooting technology in rooms can be tricky and you should consider the life span of your photographs. Using props such as laptops can date an image very quickly, as can mobile devices. If you are including your TV screens in the shot; will you be upgrading to bigger, better plasma screens in the future and if so will your photography then be rendered out of date?

Room shots work well shot from the doorway looking outwards to a view, or front on to the bed. Always try to have two light sources when shooting; always try to maximize the natural light available, and have ambient light such as bedside tables on as well. Night shots can also add a more dramatic flair, in particular if your rooms have balconies and cityscape views.

Hotel Photography Bangkok Thailand

It’s useful to invest in some real set-ups when shooting these kinds of spaces. Your local event hire and wedding businesses may willingly donate table settings, cakes, and decorations to your photoshoot if you are in a position to send new business their way as a result of promoting your conference and event spaces.

Hotel Photography Bangkok Thailand

Exterior shots are important but much depends on the time of day that you shoot. Try and book your photographer to either start at dawn or finish at dusk, in order that they can take advantage of the softer light for your exterior shot. If you decide to shoot your exterior shots at night, it can also be effective you ‘light up’ your property as much as you can. Sometimes there is no easy way to do this; it literally means having your staff race around and switch on every light they can; but if you can achieve this to full effect it will make your property glow with warmth and look vibrant, warm welcoming  – exactly the effect you are after!

Hotel Photography Bangkok Thailand


How Is The Process Like?
  • Step 1: Contact
    Just send me an email via the contact page of my website or direct to Or call me at +66(0) arrange a shooting date, and if necessary to make an appointment for a meeting at your property to inspect the hotel and discuss your needs and what to focus on during the shooting. At the meeting, we can discuss what look you are going for, if you have any particular shots in mind, how many items will be shot, and so on to create an official shot list. 

Step 2: Prepare the shoot
Prepare your hotel rooms and facilities and make them look tidy for the best possible results. Please read my little guide on  Hotel Shooting Preparation Guide

Step 3: The Shooting Day
The shooting duration is between 1 day to multiple days, depending on the size of your property. It needs close cooperation of your housekeeping team to take care of the right preparation of the rooms and beds during the shooting. It is VERY important that ALL team members on your end are informed and prepared for the day of the shoot. 

When Will I Get My Edited Photos?

After the photos are shot and the post-production is done, I will deliver them using a Google Drive link. You will receive the link via email with all your photos from 5 working days to 2 weeks, depending on the number of images. All of my shoots include one round of revisions if you require some changes on the final images at no extra cost.

Can You Fix That In Photoshop?

Most likely, yes. For hotel shots, if there’s anything that you would like to be altered, removed, replaced, or adjusted (common requests include the removal of cords, change of window views, removal of fire alarms, sprinklers, cracks, and anything not specified in the original design), let me know ahead of time and I can get it taken care of for you quite easily. The post-production process also includes extensive retouching of beds to make them look clean and wrinkle-free.

Can The Hotel Need To Be Closed During The Shooting?

No, not at all! I am fairly good at working around our surroundings. I will be always very keen on not disturbing your guest during the shooting. Keep in mind that certain public areas like pool, lobby, and gym will be maybe not accessible for a short period during these areas are photographed.

Can I Postpone The Shooting Date

Sure, if anything happens, please contact me 24 hours before the shoot, we can reschedule it. On the actual shooting date or if I have already arrived at your property the full agreed compensation for the shooting has to be paid. Please read under paragraph 3 of my Business Terms & Conditions for more details.

What Are Your Terms Of Payment?

The payment can be done directly on the shooting day in cash or bank transfer. Alternatively, the payment can be done after the watermarked low-resolution images are delivered to you for your approval. After your approval of the photos and the shooting fee has been transferred. I will send you the unwatermarked and high-resolution images.

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