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Food Photography


A great food photographer understands the importance of showcasing the texture, colors, shapes, and ingredients of your dishes, ensuring that your food stands out from the crowd. When food is visually appealing in photos, it’s only natural that people will want to come and find out for themselves. if it tastes as good as it looks. Well executed food photography conveys a speciffic mood and style of your restaurant brand.

Photography of Japanese food at a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. Captured by a professional food photographer


Frequently Asked Questions

How Is The Process Like?

Step 1: Contact
Just send me an email via the Contact Page of my website or directly via  Email. Or call me via Phone.

Step 2: Prepare the shoot
Clean your home and make it look tidy for the best possible results. To understand what to take into considerations when preparing your property for a photoshoot, please read my little guide on How To Prepare Your Food & Restaurant For A Photo Shooting, please read also my Business Terms

Step 3: The Shooting Day
The shooting duration will be Between 2-6 hours, depending on the size of your property. It is VERY important that ALL team members on your end are informed and prepared for the day of the shoot. Prior to the date of the shoot, we discuss what look you are going for, if you have any particular shots in mind, how many items will be shot, and so on to create an official shot list.

How Long Does A Food Shooting Take?

The number of shots we can capture in a day largely depends on the type and complexity of the food or beverage, and the type and complexity of the shot. I would be happy to discuss your project with you in more detail and get you an estimate.

Can we do our food and beverage shoot at our restaurant?

Depending on the type of shots that you are considering for your project, shooting on location at your restaurant may be a great option. Shooting in your space gives us the opportunity to use your restaurant as a backdrop for your beautiful food which can integrate well with your brand and your space.

Does The Restaurant Need To Be Empty Or Closed?

No, not at all! I am fairly good at working around the surroundings. However, I do recommend having us come in before opening so we can get a head start. All we need is a small area, some good lighting, a few outlets, and a staff member to coordinate with.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Photos Back?

Photos are turned in between 3-10 days after the shoot. Depending on the number of the total images.

Can The Venue Be Shot As Well?

It can be, however, this must be discussed at the beginning of the agreement. This is due to the amount of lighting needed, how big the rooms are, how big the whole venue is etc. I cannot accommodate venue shots without notice as I will not be able to guarantee quality.

What Are Your Terms Of Payment?

The payment can be done directly on the shooting day in cash or bank transfer. Alternatively, the payment can be done after the watermarked low-resolution images are delivered to you for your approval. After your approval of the photos and the shooting fee has been transferred. I will send you the unwatermarked and high-resolution images. For further information about my business terms and conditions, please visit my Photography Terms & Conditions page.

Do You Have Been Vaccinated?

Yes, I am fully vaccinated and will guarantee to follow the common rules of social distancing and health prevention measures to make the shooting safe for me and my clients.

Food Photography Creates A Sense Of Trust


Food Photography

Food Photography incorporates well with lifestyle shots of your chefs and/or servers in action. Together, all of these photos will shape the identity of your restaurant and show customers that you can offer them a delicious meal and a positive, authentic dining experience. I can showcase the menu of your restaurant and the unique recipes you have to offer, no matter how big or small your operation is. My food photography philosophy is to create the most attractive image to do justice to the quality of your food and your brand.

Photography of a Red Curry photographed at a Restaurant of a hotel by professional food photographer

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