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The Language Of Forms & Shapes

Architecture PHOTOGRAPHY


Architecture photography is a art form that  describes human made structures and  spaces. The union between the art of photography and the art of architecture originates back to the early days of photography. Architectural photography gives the possibility to visualize the space and the balance between the subject and its relationship to its surrounding. A building is situated in the context of its environment, the work has a dialogue with its surroundings, standing out or blending in, going unnoticed or being noticed.

Architecture photography in black and white of Mahanakorn Skyscraper in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Context Of Aesthetics 

Fine Art Architectural Photography

Architecture photography is created by the photographer when encountering architectural work. Knowing the visual language to understand the meanings inherent in architectural pictures and purely in architectural photographs is beyond the one-dimensional or graphic language. Understanding architectural images, in addition, requires the  knowing of the principles and rules of visual language.

Architecture photography of Rama 8 bridge in  in Bangkok, Thailand.

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