Architectural Photography

  • Office tower in Münster, Germany. Long exposure architectural photography
  • Architectural photography Bangkok, Thailand. Professional photography service for architects and builder
  • Interior shot of the crematorium in Berlin-Treptow, Germany.
  • Architectural photography in Bangkok. Professional photography service for hotels and resorts in Thailand.
  • Architectural and real estate photography service in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Professional real estate photography Bangkok Thailand
  • Architectural photography by Micha Schulte Bangkok. Professional photography service for real-estate, architects and builders
  • Office tower of the LVM insurance company in Münster, Germany.
  • modern traditional Thai architecture photographed by Micha Schulte Architecture Photography, Bangkok
  • Architectural and real-estate photography service in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Architectural and hotel exterior photography in Bangkok.
  • The escalators of the Central Embassy Mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Captured by photographer Micha Schulte
  • Architecture and real estate photography in Bangkok Thailand by professional photographer
  • Park Venture office tower in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Interior photograph of the Groove at Central World Building in Bangkok, Thailand. Captured by photographer Micha Schulte
  • Professional real estate and residential photography in Bangkok.
  • Architectural photography of the Bangkok Art And Culture Center.
  • Architectural and real estate photography in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Architecture photography Bangkok, Thailand. Micha Schulte interior photography
  • Architectural and real estate photography service in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Staircases of the BACC building in Bangkok, Thailand. Captured by interior photographer Micha Schulte
  • The entry of the King Power Downtown Center in Bangkok, Thailand. Captured by architecture photographer Micha Schulte

Professional Architecture Photography

As a Bangkok-based architectural photographer, I am surrounded by notable modern architecture. The specialism of architecture photography demands precision and creativity. Architectural photography involves the capturing of structures and shapes of a building in a way, that is both accurate and aesthetically pleasing. Thinking outside of the box and technical knowledge is the mark for me as an architecture photographer. Clean and uncluttered architectural photographs will create a lasting impression to the viewer. It is the responsibility of me as a photographer to keep all vertical and horizontal lines balanced and straight. Architecture photography can have a high value for realtors and architects as they have to showcase their work and impress potential clients and buyers. Even hotels and resorts benefit from creative architectural photography. As an architecture photographer, I know how to make buildings look extra inviting, I provide images that give your prospective clients that unique view of your property. My ambitions are not only to depict the building in its entirety but also its functionality, design and attractive details. I pay particular attention to choose the correct time of the day to shoot in optimal light conditions. Sometimes it is necessary to include night shots or twilight shots in a set of images, there are buildings that look more amusing at night due to its surroundings. 

Since architecture photography is such a detailed orientated craft, I process my images in such a way that the slightest distractions like cables, phone lines, and unwanted glares and reflexions are cloned out of the image. Sometimes lighting effects and other processing technics like sky replacements can also be applied to the photos for a better appeal.

Post Processing In Architectural Photography

Post-production is a very important aspect of architectural photography. Today’s professional photo enhancing software gave a lot of opportunities to the interior photographer to transform an average photo to something outstanding. It brings the captured image to the next level, to showcase the style I want the final image looks like. With several years experience in post-production of architecture photos, I can deliver an image quality that most of the 5 stars hotels require. I am using today’s latest photo enhancing software to create my images. As an option for my clients, I provide also a retouching and editing service of your images to get the maximum out of your already captured interior photos of your property. 

Following Post-Processing Services I Provide For My Clients 
  • Removal Of Obstructing Objects
  • Color Corrections
  • Straighten Verticals
  • Image Retouching
  • Image Masking 
  • Image Resizing
  • Sky Replacements

Videography For Hotels And Resorts

High-quality pictures and video are more important now in times of social media and online marketing for hotels and real estate agents. I provide besides professional interior photography also videography service for my clients. With years of multi-media marketing experience for hotels and real-estate agents, my professionally produced videos show your property in the best light.

What is included:

  • Interior High Definition Marketing Video
  • Professional Editing with Music or Voiceover
  • Downloadable Video file
  • Charged per minute of final editing video
  • Optimized version for social media, like YouTube and Facebook

Please download my Pre-Shoot Checklist for your property Download 

for more videos please visit my YouTube channel: YouTube
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