About Me

My Professional Background

Micha is a professional interior and architectural photographer based in Bangkok with over 10 years of experience shooting in photography and post-production. After working serval years as an interior designer, he decides to make his passions to his profession and enrolled at a private academy for photography and media design in Berlin. During his study at the academy, he had the chance to collect experience in the diverse fields of photography, media-design, and web-design. After his graduation, he worked for diverse furniture and e-commerce companies in Germany as a product photographer. As he has always a deep interest in architecture and interior design, he decides to bring his two passion together and specialize as an interior and architecture photographer. After his relocation to Bangkok, he works as an interior photographer for the hospitality industry in Thailand, serving hotels and restaurants with interior and food photography. With full control of modern imaging techniques, he explores architectural photography using today`s most advanced tools including a state of the art digital cameras, professional equipment for 360-degree panorama/virtual tours and latest photo enhancement software. Micha Schulte Photography is your resource for dramatic, beautiful and memorable photography created with professionalism and an essential respect for the subject matter. 

10 Reasons To Hire Me As A Photographer

  1. 10 Years of experience in photography 
  2. 8 Years of experience in post production
  3. Multi-Lingual Service in German, English, and Thai
  4. On time and budget productions
  5. Visual solutions for difficult photographic situations
  6. A keen eye for lighting situations
  7. One hand solution for interior photography, food photography, and videography 
  8. Professional equipment for 360-degree panorama and virtual tours   
  9. Professional equipment for videography 
  10. Reliable Partner in Thailand for International Agencies 

Recent Uploads

My Services

Interior Photography

As specialized in interior and architecture photography, I provide high-resolution images for print and low-resolution images optimized for the web to my clients. I am happy to work with your graphic and marketing department to ensure I provide the images that convey the atmosphere you want to communicate 

Food Photography

Food photography is a very specific photographic genre, as it demands a passion and deep understanding of the products, lighting and camera technics. These are the key ingredients to capture a food photo in the way the viewer want to eat what they are seeing. It is about creating  an image that will ignite the viewer

Virtual Tours

A virtual tour or 360-degree panorama allows customers to step into your hotel and experience it for themselves, online. A beautiful interactive panorama is a powerful way to give a true, visual impression of the exterior and interior of your location, your guest rooms, leisure facilities, meeting and public areas.


If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth one million. High-quality pictures and video are more important now in times of social media and online marketing for hotels and real estate agents. I provide besides professional interior photography also videography service for my clients.

Post-Production Service

Are you unsatisfied with your already captured images of your property? I provide a fast and reasonable professional post-production service of your interior and exterior photos. I will get the maximum out of your images for you, to showcase your property in the right light and its full glory 

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